Proxy Websites Work in Different Ways

A proxy server is the program which connects the computer network service in order to allow the clients in making an indirect network connection towards other network services. The client has to be connected to the server and request the connection file with other resources that are available for different server. The proxy can provide the resource by connecting on a specified erver or when serving it against the cache. In other cases, the request of the clients may change the response of the server to meet different purposes.


Common proxy application may be caching into the web proxy. This is going to provide the nearby web pages which are available on the remote web servers and this allows the local network clients in accessing the website in reliable and quick manner.

When a proxy server gets the request for the web resource, it is specified under the URL where the caching proxy may result into the URL in the local cache. When it is found, the documents are going to be returned at once and the saved copy is going to be found in the cache. The cache has to use the expiry algorithm in order to remove the documents ound in the cache according to the access history, size and age.

There are two types of caches that are being used with the proxy sites, they are the Least Frequently Used or LFU and Least Recently Used or LRU. The LRU is used to remove the least recently used websites while the LFU is used to remove the least frequently used websites.

The web proxy may also filter web pages content that it is being served. There are some censor ware application and they attempt blocking offensive content from the internet according to how the web proxies have been implemented. here are other webs proxies that have reformat of the web pages for the specific purpose of the audience. The network operators may also use the proxies in order to intercept the viruses in he computers with other hostile content which was served with the remote web pages.


The special case of the proxy lists are the CGI proxies. They are the websites which let the users to access the site through them. They can use CGI or PHP in order to implement the roxying functionality. The CGI proxies may be used to gain the access to the web sites which was blocked by the school or corporate proxies.

Because the free proxy may hide the IP ddress on the website, the people can reach also a level of the anonymity. Transparent proxy is a proxy server and it makes the original address of IP on the http headers. It is used for its ability to cache website may not offer anonymity. Anonymous proxy is a type of the server which is a proxy server but the original IP is not made available. Other types of proxy servers are igh anonymity proxy and distorting proxy. Distorting proxy server is used as proxy server but it can make the incorrect original IP address in the header.