How Proxy Server Works

A proxy server is the best mediator when one needs to derive information from a particular source. It brings up information from other servers.

How it works
When a request is made, a proxy server goes ahead to get detailed information using its IP address and not anyone else’s from another server. Continuous request will be easy to get as it is stored in the history page. This excludes the need for the proxy server to revisit the internet.


The proxy servers have no boundaries as they are applicable for both legal and illegal motives. The servers are also used by big entities to ensure secure business with no threats at all. On a personal basis, they assure one of seclusion and secretive surfing through your computer or smartphone. This is very encouraging as one will not even get to know you have actually visited that site.

Why people opt for proxy servers
A lot of people actually know how proxy servers work that is why they turn to them for help. They know that for sure the information is hidden with them since even their individual IP addresses won’t pop up instead that of the proxy server will. The server has gone ahead to be used for various purposes which include:

Criminal activities
Law breakers have discovered that the proxy servers have got their backs in terms of tracking them. As mentioned above, the proxy servers are security enabled and no one can poke into your software business. Even so, this has benefited most users as cyber crime and stalking has gone down over the past few years. IP addresses are very personal and letting it out of the bag is inviting harm to come your way.

Types of proxy servers
1. Reverse proxies

This kind of proxy comes with the following benefits:

• It allows for balancing between different servers

• Enables surfers view information

• Restricts one from accessing a closed website


2. Forward proxies
This enables one get more information by the proxy forwarding the request to the server which in return brings out the results. So long as there is specification, be sure of great results with the proxy server.

3. Open proxy
As discussed above, this type of proxy conceals user identity which is why many people opt for it. This type of proxy is further broken down into three:

a) Anonymous proxy

b) Distorting proxy

c) High Anonymity Proxy

Although security is beefed up in this proxy, hacking has not been completely done away with. One goes ahead to create a page similar to the targeted one and use it to shut down the authentic one completely from the search engine optimization. Sometimes, pages can be forged to con users of their hard earned cash. This is done by creating a similar banking page and the user gets to fill it in with their personal information. From there, they use your information to rob you of your own money. To confirm the theft, look up the page on the Search Engine Results page and if two same pages appear, then probably know that the latter is the original one.